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The Right Way to Store and Transport Power Tools

Posted by on 12/6/2017 to Buyer's Guide

The Right Way to Store and Transport Power Tools


“You need the right tool for the right job. Every single thing here has a purpose. I didn't buy all this stuff at once, blockhead. I've lived here for fifty years. A man stays in one place long enough he tends to attract a decent set of tools.”


~Walt Kowalski, Gran Torino


As Walt correctly (if rudely) points out to his young friend, you are likely to accumulate some tools over your life as needs arise. And if you’re anything like me, you’re in love with that process. But when you move, or you need to go to a remote worksite, you need to know how best to haul, and secure your tools.


Tool Totes

Tool totes with a comfortable grip handle straps sit firmly on the floor and are an excellent way to go when moving to a job site frequently. When storing tools in hard cases at your vehicle, for example, tool totes offer a quick option for organizing what you need at the moment and quickly getting the tools in and out of storage. The tote's soft bottom allows for the bag to be sat down on finished floors too, so you don't have to worry about damage or scratching.


Ample Grabbing Space in the Truckbed

Having trucks with ladder racks and hi-side boxes that fit in between them is a smart way to go. When using a box, your tools don't get as buried as they do with cross-bed style boxes, and you'll lose less space in the bed. Using a hi-side box will also reduce scratching your truck when wearing tools.


Lose the Factory Boxes

Although it might seem to make sense to use the case the tool came in, in the long run, you're just lugging around too many smaller cases. While this doesn't go for all cases, of course, it does go for those tools which are cumbersome getting back in the case and have little room for additional accessories. Soft cases can pose a similar problem as they are hard to label and don't stack in an efficient manner. According to Allcases, your best bet is to go with a hard-plastic aftermarket tool case for your transport and storage needs. These are usually cost effective and come in shapes and sizes for every need.


Anchor Points Are Key

When you add more tie-down rings and anchor points, you add a lot of functionality to how your vehicle can transport tools, especially those of the larger variety. They also come in very handy in the case that you must carry an unexpected material or machine. Larger devices such as vehicles, air compressors, or snow blowers can also be anchored to these points to minimize damage to the machine and the truck. A standard issue is that when you install a toolbox in your bed, you lose access to the stock anchor points. An excellent way to overcome this is by bolting anchor rings to the box itself. In addition to fastening gear and materials, this is a unique way to reinforce padlocks for more expensive tools by applying chains.


Tools are the lifeblood of those in the construction or home maintenance industries, and a staple for handy husbands and strong, independent women alike. Respect your tools. Love on them, and they’ll love you back. 

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